What Is Upcycling?

Recycling and upcycling are similar in the way that they help the environment but are different methods which will reduce waste and save some room in your main waste bin.


It can be easy just to throw everything in the same bin and just chuck it out. With a little thought and effort you can really make a difference to the environment in the long run.

Upcycling is the method of re-using items in a different way instead of actually throwing the item out. This will have your local authority the time and trouble of taking stuff away and will save you the money of hiring a local rubbish removal company if you have a lot to dispose of.

This method has been going for many years and goes back to the years during the war when things was rationed.

If you do have a lot of waste that you have need to get recycled and have done your best to upcycle you can hire the services of a waste removal firm to help you out. Rubbish removal by Kwik Sweep is a great example.

Recycling is the process of turning you plastic, paper, card and glass products into new items that can be recycled over and over again.

The best way to find someone near you will be to take your search online. If you decide to hire a company, you should check a few things out first. Things like insurance and licences are import, you should also check that the company in question are approved by the Environment Agency.

Here are a few examples of the type of companies to look for. They are all reputable companies to choose from.

Vonvil Junk


Need Entertainment For Your Event

Are you holding an event in the near future like a Wedding, Birthday Party or anything else that requires having your guests entertained so they have a great time and remember it for a long time to come?

If so you may want to consider booking a close up table magician in London if you are holding your party in the capital.

Hiring a Magician is a great way of keeping your guests entertained throughout the evening by performing a range of tricks close up to suit all ages. A good Magician will move around the venue going from table to table which is very personal

To find an act in your town just search for something on the lines of Magician in Birmingham in the search box with your town at the end. This way you will be able to see the best websites of the performers in your local area.

Prices range from different acts such as an amateur to someone who has 20 years of experience. You will have to do some homework on this first to make sure you are getting a quality act for your money.

To find out more information on magic and how to book please use the next linkā€¦ https://twitter.com/alanmagician

If you fancy having a go at magic for yourself then watch the YouTube video below for some magic tricks with normal household items.

Need a New Wardrobe?

If you are deciding to refurnish and decorate your bedroom, then one of the main pieces of furniture that you may wish to replace is your wardrobe.


download (1)

There are many different types and designs from single and double, walk in units and floor to ceiling wardrobes. Tall units that stick are not as popular anymore and fitted units give the room more space, leaving you more room to move about. If you have lots of furniture you will have more space to store it. Fitted furniture can give a nice modern feel to the room as well as being practical.

download (2)

There are many different designs to choose from so you will need to look around to see what would fit with you size bedroom.

A benefit of having a fitted wardrobe is that you can have it designed exactly how you want it. You would first need to contact a company and tell them what you want. You could have sliding doors installed that even double up as a mirror. Sliding doors are ideal for very small bedrooms. You will not have to place furniture in certain positions due to having to open a door up.

Price wise it will vary from company to company so put in some research and do not just always go for the cheapest as you do not want to have problems down the line in the future.

If you are on a budget, then you can learn how to make a wardrobe yourself by watching the video below.

The Wall and Flooring Tile Guide

If you are doing a spot of decorating and are looking for a nice artistic look for you walls or flooring, you may want to consider using Tiles as a change.

Tiles are a great way to add a new look to your home, but when browsing for tiles how would you know floor tiles from one that should be used for a wall as they will look very similar.

Tiles are graded on strength and it is more important to take notice of this if you would be having flooring laid down rather than home walls. The reason being is that you could actually use a floor tile for a wall but not the other way around. This is because floor tiles are much more durable due to that fact people will be constantly walking on them so naturally they will need more strength.

The most common way of grading a tile for suitable use is the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI)method which has a grading system of 0-5. Zero would be the weakest and not suitable for a floor as it would break due the stress put on it.

There are many Bathroom tiles companies in London to choose from, if you are outside of London, just search online for your local stockist.

We hope you have this guide of some use, keep reading this blog for more hints and tips coming up in the future.

Watch the YouTube clip below to help you choose great tiles or vsit the following Facebook link…https://www.facebook.com/TileLandUK/